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Pure Clove Bud Essential Oil Use For Skin, Hair, Teeth, & Aroma Therapy. This premium-grade essential oil is produced from clove tree buds. Dental care – It is widely used in dental care products as it relieves tooth and gums from pain. Healing – It can also be used to treat wounds and cuts due to its antimicrobial properties. However, do not use it directly on the skin and dilute it with a suitable carrier oil before application. Natural – It is an undiluted, pure, and natural oil that does not contain any chemicals or fillers. Aroma – It has a spicy, powerful, and warm scent.

  • TOOTHACHE & BAD BREATH: For toothache, apply a cotton swab dipped in 1-2 drops of clove oil. Or add 1 drop to your toothpaste every day. Add 2 drops of clove oil + 1 drop of peppermint oil in a tbsp of water and use as a mouthwash.
  • ACNE RELIEF: Mix 5 drops of clove oil in 1/4 cup of aloe vera gel and apply over face. Or mix a few drops of the clove oil daily to your moisturizing cream or lotion.
  • ANTI-AGEING: Mix a few drops of clove oil with a carrier oil (jojoba, coconut, olive oil etc.) and apply.
  • HAIR HEALTH: Mix a few drops of clove oil in olive or coconut oil and massage your scalp & hair. Or mix 30-40 drops in your 200 ml shampoo bottle and use daily.
  • 100% NATURAL & PURE: Manufactured in a certified organic facility, Anveya's Indonesian Clove Essential Oil (Eugenia Caryophyllus) is premium Therapeutic Grade. It has been extracted using the steam distillation method from clove buds without the use of any chemicals. 
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