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This oil is obtained by cold pressing quality white sesame seeds using modern methods that preserve the oil’s rich sesame flavor. Considered a healthy cooking medium because of its rich, well-balanced components like protein, calcium, iron and vitamins. The advantages of sesame oil are exceptionally touted in different Ayurvedic regimens, the most mainstream is for massage. Sesame oil (Til Tel) is specially used for massaging as it is believed to rid the body of heat due to its viscous nature upon rubbing. It is also used for hair and scalp massage. It is also used in many cosmetic applications, including as a carrier oil.

  • The health benefits of sesame oil include its ability to improve hair and skin health, stimulate strong bone growth, help maintain good heart health, protect infant health, boost your dental health, improve the digestive process, and lower inflammation, check BP and so on. Hundred benefits out of Sesame Oil. Healthiest Oil for our body.
  • ure and natural, No Chemical Refining used. Cold Pressed only.No aroma added, Excellent for cooking and massaging
  • Great for body/hair massage and oil pulling. Helps get glowing smooth skin, strong bones and teeth. Especially useful for children.
  • Most suited for sautéing, dosa, variety rice, poriyal, veg side dishes, gravy, sambar, chutneys etc. For deep frying, use our groundnut oil. 
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